To Potential Affiliates for Sexton's Corner:

Attached is a letter that explains Sexton's Corner Affiliate Program from top to
bottom.  For any affiliate to get paid monthly for signing up free customers is
unheard of!  In the past ,any affiliate for any poker site only got paid after a
new sign up posted up real money into their account to play.

Therefore, an affiliate for Sexton's Corner has a great opportunity to earn
extra money!   Also attached is a sample of an excellent business card that
has proven to be a successful marketing tool to interest new customers to sign
up for a free poker account.  It features our host and Poker Ambassador, Mike
Sexton, which will help all affiliates gain extra customers.

On the back of our business cards are easy instructions to follow for a
customer to get a free account.  Also, there is a great explanation on how they
can make extra money as an affiliate themselves.  If you would like to see the
back side of the business card, just email me and I'll be happy to share it with
For your customized business cards there would be some minor changes made, such as using your personalized code under Mike's picture.  Call me on my
cell phone at 702-439-5570 to discuss this, as well as any other questions you might have about our Affiliate Program.

Enjoy the details of this great opportunity,
Tom Sexton // President of Sexton's Corner
To all potential Sexton’s Corner affiliates,

This letter is designed to introduce you to the Sexton’s Corner Affiliate Program.  You first have to sign up for a free poker account yourself on or a similar affiliate such as for example.  Once you have signed up as a free player at
Sexton’s Corner Poker Room, you are then eligible to earn extra money yourself as an affiliate.  This email will explain the three levels of our affiliate
program known as
Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  It will also explain your commission schedule for each of these three levels. You will find out how to earn the
highest commissions possible, as well as how easy it is for you to get started by creating your own affiliate code.

There are three ways to receive this affiliate information: 1.) It is available here on our affiliate page on;  2.) Call Customer
Service at Sexton's Corner and have it emailed; 3.) From our
business cards... call Tom Sexton's cell number to receive a same day email.  
When this is emailed, there will be copies of our reccomended
business card to use to help make an affiliate successful in earning extra
money by signing up free customers to play in Sexton's Corner Poker Room.  Reading this letter on our web-site you will get to see the
business card at the bottom of this letter.

Attached to this affiliate information packet is a demo for a personalized
business card that has proven to be a very effective tool for each affiliate to
motivate potential customers to sign up for
FREE, and be able to win cash and prizes every day when they play on the site.  Having a business card like this
is optional, but it is designed to help you become a very successful affiliate for Sexton’s Corner Poker Room.  Our calling card is designed to feature a very
clear, 1st class picture of Mike Sexton as the Host of Sexton's Corner Poker Room and our Poker Ambassador, where people can sign up for a free account
to play poker.  We also highlight on the
business card that our site offers the most colorful stories in poker, which promises to be very popular for all of
your customers!  Our poker room is powered by the National League of Poker known as the NLOP.  It is 100% legal, and at the bottom of the attached
business card would be your official web address or URL, that insures each new customer that signs up for a free account to be accredited to you, as one
of our affiliates.  We will refer to this as having your own personalized code.  The code you select is simply done on the telephone by calling Customer
Service at Sexton’ Corner or directly talking to
Tom Sexton. (702-439-5570)

It is that easy to get started in earning extra money every month from this point on, as an affiliate for Sexton’s Corner.  Most will use their first name, initials,
or a short number code at the end of to establish their computerized identification.  Everything on our recommended businesss
cards would be identical, except your personalized code will be added for your benefit.   Sexton’s Corner offers all customers great customer service on your
behalf as an affiliate.  From any software problems to sign-up questions, we will be able to be very helpful for any of your new customers you sign up to play
poker at Sexton’s Corner Poker Room.

Since we plan to have 300 to 500 affiliates representing us across the United States, the responsibility of paying for your individual business cards will be up
to you.  If you have a printer you prefer to use in your local area, we can help by emailing the art logos with your personalized code attached, etc. so your
cards will look very professional.  Again, having a calling card like this is an option for you, but if you really want to make money promoting the site, it is
highly recommended.  If you verbally relay your code a person may use to sign up, it will work, but it is not nearly as effective as using a professional
business card.  You can always get started first, and later add on a professional business card.  You may design your own business card, but it must be
emailed to for approval before you start using it.

The main point to remember is to call us after you sign up for a free account to get your personalized code approved.  It will take us 1-2 days
to design your individual landing frame page, where anyone using your code will be listed under your name.  You will always be given credit
for signing up that customer under your affiliate code.

There are a couple of points I feel compelled to make:

1.)  With your own individual affiliate code at the bottom of the calling card………. here is what will happen when you sign up any potential
customers.  The customer will go online and then type your customized code in, to go to a landing page that will feature Mike Sexton
, who will
then welcome and invite the customer to sign up to play free poker to win cash and prize.  Mike is known as “The Ambassador of Poker” throughout the
world and has been the face of poker on TV for seven seasons on the ever popular TV show, known as the World Poker Tour, or WPT.  Mike is the host of
Sexton’s Corner Poker Room, which is a portal powered by the NLOP. Upon downloading the NLOP software, you will see that he is the main host of the
NLOP as well.  As an affiliate for Sexton’s Corner Poker Room this fact will work very well for you when you sign up free players.  The consistency of Mike on
our official calling cards, to our welcome landing page to sign up new customers, to him being featured from top to bottom on every NLOP promotion on the
official NLOP software, adds  a lot of   credibility for you as an affiliate for Sexton’s Corner.  There is probably no other person in the poker world that is more
recognizable, beloved, admired, and respected within the poker industry than Mike Sexton.  I don’t say this because he is my brother.  I say this because it is
accepted as fact throughout the entire world.  He is seen on TV in over 140 Countries every week as poker’s face of poker, and is now entering his 7th
successful season.   

2.)  That first landing page your customers will come to will feature Mike's picture, who will welcome them to sign up for free.  Any part of this page that is
clicked will take them to a landing page #2 that has a simple to follow registration page.  At the top of this registration page the customer will have three easy
steps to follow.  Once completed, there is a place to click at the bottom of the registration page to continue and download the NLOP software needed to play

3.)  The downloaded software will go into a small icon on your desktop area where AOL or Internet Explorer is located, etc.  It will be a
maroon capital
N, with the NLOP icon.  This will be an NLOP shortcut that will appear on your desk top.  By double clicking this icon you will immediately
enter the log-in area.  This will be where all of your signed-up customers will always go to play poker on Sexton's Corner Poker Room.  They click the small
NLOP icon displayed on their desktop and type in their email and password.....then click to start play.  

4.)  Once this is done, they will enter Sexton's Corner Poker Room.  Along the perimeter of the poker room will be a banner to bring them to
Sexton's Corner, where the most colorful stories in poker are found.  The customers will love this feature as they enjoy reading about many
of the great poker players, etc.
 We will also feature another banner of our poker store to click that will bring you into our poker store, where many
products are available for purchase.  These colorful poker stories written over the last couple of years definitely make Sexton’s Corner Poker Room unique
in every sense of the word.  Your future customers will enjoy playing poker for free at a site that features some of the greatest stories ever told on poker
greats, such as Mike Sexton, Chip Reese, Stu Ungar, Johnny Chan, Jennifer Harmon, Puggy Pearson, Archie “The Greek” Karas, and so many others, with
a new story of the week featured every one to two weeks.  It will be a good idea for you to advise any of your new customer sign-ups to always click the
Sexton’s Corner banner seen at the base of the poker room, once they sign in to play any tournament.  Sexton’s Corner Poker Room features this banner
with a picture of Chip Reese, Johnny Chan, Stu Ungar, and Mike Sexton offering the most colorful stories of poker.  This banner is what makes our poker site
so unique, and if you explain it is important to click this banner every time each customer signs in to play any tournament, it will take you to automatically.  The reason this is good advice for you to relay to your new customers is this important banner in our poker room
is only available to use when each tournament starts for about 5 minutes.  After that, the banner will change over to a different advertisement.  As an affiliate
for Sexton’s Corner it is imperative for you to use your personalized affiliate code to first sign up your new customers to play free poker.  If they are directed
to our main web-site at first, your new customer will be intercepted.  Your personalized affiliate code guarantees you will get
computer credit for signing up the new customer.  Once they later enter Sexton’s Corner Poker Room through the NLOP icon on your desk top to play, they
will then have the ability to click our Sexton’s Corner banner to enter our main web-site at  to read poker’s most colorful stories.  
This is a big plus for you as an affiliate, but only after you make sure all new sign-ups first sign up under your code.  I want you to make the over-ride for
every new free customer you sign up, so you are always enthused to bring us new customers.   

5.)  Each affiliate will be paid between the 15th and 20th of each month by check from Sexton's Corner home office in Las Vegas, Nevada.  All commission
checks will be from the end of the previous month.  In the beginning entry level each affiliate will start out as a
Bronze Affiliate.  The commission rate at this
level is .70 per month for each customer you bring to the site with your personalized code.  Once you have signed up 2,000 active free customers your
commission rate will increase to $1.00 per sign up.  Once you successfully sign up 2000 free customers, you will be promoted to the level of a
.  At this level, every free customer over 2,000 will earn you $1.00 per month from then on!  Our VIP Club costs $19.99 per month, and customers
will be eligible to win more in cash and prizes on a daily basis, and enjoy playing poker with less streaming ads they will experience as a free player.  Any of
your free customers that sign up for the VIP Club will double your monthly commission to $1.40 per month.  Once you sign up 1,000 VIP customers you will
earn $2.00 per month out of the $19.99.  Upon reaching this level of signing up 1,000 VIP Club members, you will have reached our highest level and will be
Gold Affiliate.  It is easier to sign up free customers versus VIP Club members, even though the VIP members are eligible to win a large part of $24,000 in
cash tournaments each month.  As an affiliate for Sexton’s Corner, you will be notified when you reach both Silver and Gold levels, and will earn some very
nice prizes.  The Silver Affiliate will win a trip for two to Las Vegas, which will include show tickets to a fabulous show!  Our prize we will award you for
attaining the level of being a Gold Affiliate will be a $1,500 World Series of Poker Buy-in for any event of your choice, plus a comp four day room for two, at a
great hotel in Las Vegas!  Our affiliate program is designed to reward our successful affiliates, with the highest commissions available, yet help each of you
get launched in the beginning through the best poker web site in the business.     

6.) As a Sexton’s Corner affiliate you will have two separate departments of monthly income:

Free customers you sign up under your code will earn you .70 per month if they are active. (This means they are required to play 5 hands per
month.)  When you sign up 2,000 active free customers, you will be earning $1400 per month at .70 each.  Once you exceed 2,000 active customers your
new commission rate will be $1.00 per month per active customer for any new customers starting at 2001 customers on up.  The next 2,000 free active
customers will earn you $2,000 extra dollars. From your first $1400 commissions from the first 2,000 active customers, to your next 2,000 customers, you will
then be at $3400 in commissions for
FREE CUSTOMERS!  Getting paid for signing up free customers is unheard of, and is a great opportunity for
you to earn lifetime residual commissions!
 For those of you who reach the 2,000 free active customer plateau, you will be extra motivated to continue
to build your lifetime residual income up with the highest commission rate that can be earned.  It will be a pay raise that you will have earned……from .70 to
$1.00 per new free sign up!

TWO: The second department you can earn affiliate dollars is signing up VIP Club members.  You will begin earning $1.40 per month for the first 1,000
sign ups who will pay $19.99 per month, to be a VIP Club member. Once you reach the 1,000 plateau of VIP Club sign-ups, you will earn $2.00 per new sign
up from this point on!  Here are a couple of examples:  You sign up 4,000 free active customers and 1,500 VIP Club members.  Your commissions for each
month would be $5,800 per month!  Why is $5800 the correct answer?

 2,000 free active customers...……. = $1,400     (   .70 each)
                        2,000 additional free customers…. = $2,000    ($1.00 each)
                         1,000 VIP Club members…………. = $1,400    ($1.40 each)
                            500 more VIP members………….= $1,000    ($2.00 each)
                                                                                      $5,800 per month

NOTE # 1:  The .70 and $1.40 commission rate for free customer sign-ups and/or VIP Club members will be paid to Sexton’s Corner Bronze
affiliates. Once the $1.00 and $2.00 commission rates are earned, you will become a very successful affiliate for both yourself and Sexton’s
Corner, earning maximum commissions.  To reach this goal you must reach the production plateau as stated above.  The first 2,000 free
customers you sign up will always pay you .70 each per month if they are active.  The first 1,000 VIP Club members you are given credit for
enrolling for $19.99 per month will always pay $1.40 each per month.  Your raise to $1.00/$2.00 will commence in each department once you
have signed up 2,000 free active customers or 1,000 VIP Club members.  This will only motivate you to continue to enroll new customers,
thus insuring your prospects of continued success as a Gold Affiliate with Sexton’s Corner, that promises to increase your lifetime residual
income. Once your over-ride reaches $100 per month, our company will contact you and suggest you assign your check to a beneficiary of
your choice in the event you might unfortunately pass away.  Thus, your earned income from your efforts, as an affiliate of Sexton’s Corner
will continue to protect your family and loved ones.

NOTE # 2:  Our affiliate program is not a tiered pyramid program.  It is for you, as an individual to increase your personal residual income
coming in each month.  We want our program to work out for the long term, not just the short term, to protect you and your future income.  
However, you will have the flexibility to increase your earnings by setting up various clubs or organizations, who want to establish their own
poker rooms for their customers.  Our software that is used has this unique ability.  If this interests you, please call Tom Sexton’s personal
cell phone listed below for more information.   

7.)  Each of your customers will turn into residual income for life, as long as the customer is actively playing on the site.  This will require them to play 5
hands per month to qualify!  This is great news for you.  They don't have to play for 5 hours to qualify...........but just 5 hands per month!  If any of your
customers fall out of the poker room for any reason during any month….. you won't be paid for that month on that individual customer.  As soon as they
resume play again, you will be paid your commission on them once again.

8.)  Each affiliate will be an independent contractor with Sexton's Corner.  Any changes to our standard calling card, etc will need approval from our home
office first.  All contact should go through our customer service department at  If you need any questions
answered by phone you can contact
customer service at Sexton’s Corner at 702-722-2031. As President of Sexton’s Corner, I will always be available
to help each of you get your own business started.  My cell number is
702-439-5570.  I appreciate any call from any of our affiliates, who need help or have
questions about being successful as an independent contractor.  If I can’t answer your question directly, I will get you in touch with the right department to
help you.  All affiliates of Sexton’s Corner will be expected to follow all rules and guidelines set forth by the National League of Poker, known as NLOP in
regards to behavior and representations.  Sexton’s Corner will reserve the right to cancel said affiliate agreement, with no liability, upon violation of conduct
by any of its individual affiliates.  This would include misrepresenting Sexton’s Corner Poker Room or the NLOP.  Each affiliate will have the right to
discontinue association from Sexton’s Corner at anytime with a 10-day written notice.  Our office address is 1555 E. Flamingo # 108, Las Vegas, Nevada
89119.  All recruited customers will remain a part of Sexton’s Corner portal of the NLOP, and commissions due you will continue to be paid to you, unless
you specifically request for your commissions to stop being mailed to you.  If it is determined an affiliate misrepresented our site or the NLOP, commissions
on your free active customers will be completely forfeited, and any VIP Club members will receive a refund upon request.  No further commissions would be
due any of the affiliates under this situation.  A basic affiliate agreement of guidelines expected to be followed and adhered to will be provided to you to sign,
before your first over-ride check is sent to you by Sexton’s Corner.  It will protect the Affiliate, Sexton’s Corner, and the NLOP as a fair partnership.         

9.)  Four of the most attractive features of running your affiliate business through our site are:

        A,) Sexton’s Corner Poker Room is hosted by Poker’s Ambassador Mike Sexton, as well as the software on NLOP that powers it.  All of
your customers will see this from the first calling card you show them, to the sign-up page to register, to actually playing on the site that is
powered by NLOP or the National League of Poker.

        B.)  When any of your customers originally sign up on your code, they will always have easy access to read and enjoy poker’s most
colorful stories on Sexton’s Corner.  There will be several guest articles and lots of extra features to enjoy as well.  While they are playing
poker on the site, they will have the ability to select any story and box it off to read, or navigate the entire archives in between playing
poker at their leisure.  A new story appears every week or two on Monday and the navigational capabilities of reading the 70 plus stories
written so far are the best in the world!  All of your customers will love playing in Sexton's Corner Poker Room!

       C.)  Sexton’s Corner Poker Room is 100% legal to play on in the USA, because it is a free site… not a gambling site.  Those customers
who exercise the option to join the VIP Club for $19.99 per month are also legal because it is a subscription site, not a gambling site.  All
members of Sexton’s Corner Poker Room will have access to many major Casinos in the lobby to play in any of their tournaments going on.  
This is a tremendous feature of our software, that all of your customers will love!

       D.)  As a beginning Bronze Affiliate with Sexton’s Corner, you will be able to pass a calling card out with all the tools needed to sign up
your customers under your own personalized code.  Any of the problems a potential customer is experiencing with software, marketing, or
anything else is completely done for you with a customer service email and phone number for your potential new customer to contact.  This
simplifies your task to focus on recruiting new customers, servicing them, but not having the daily problem of the necessary follow-up
needed to become successful.  Sexton’s Corner will support you with excellent customer service that will be so important for you to launch
your own successful independent business.

Each affiliate will receive a detailed report of the customers they have signed up and the active roster list every month.  The individual reports will
accompany the monthly commission checks. Your residual income will grow every month, with your continued success.  Some affiliates will look at this as an
enjoyable way to pick up part-time income to augment their current occupation.  Others will want to pursue this as a full time job, if they reach the Gold
Affiliate level, due to the large income they are able to earn.  The choice of your approach is entirely up to you.

11.)  Remember to sign up for a free account yourself first on or any of our affiliate codes that might have referred you, before
you do anything!  This is compulsory before you can become an affiliate for Sexton’s Corner Poker Room, so please don’t forget this very important step!  
The main requirement to be eligible to become an affiliate is to be an active free customer yourself.

12.)  To be paid commissions for signing up free customers is unheard of in the poker industry, so this is an excellent opportunity for you to make some big
monthly income!  When any of your free customers on their own sign up for the $19.99 VIP Club...........your commission on that customer you brought into
the company originally will double each month.  Credit for recruiting any new customers will be automatically handled by the computer for you.  You will get a
good picture of what your people are doing by receiving your monthly reports.

In conclusion, I want to welcome each of you to our affiliate program.  The market for free poker is huge.  In fact, 85% of the poker market is free poker, while
only 15% of the poker market is playing on a real hard money site.  Customers with us are playing on a 100% free poker site where they can't gamble off
their hard earned money, but can still win cash and prizes. The monthly VIP Club is a subscription service...........not a gambling site.  The NLOP puts up
$800 per day for VIP members or $24,000 in cash per month, plus prizes that add up to a total of $50,000 each month!  All any VIP Club members can
spend is $19.99 per month.  This is exciting news for your customers!

It doesn't take a lot of mathematical knowledge to figure out if you sign up 10,000 free customers you are going to earn $9400 per month in commissions.
(Remember, you will receive $1400 for first 2,000 free customers at .70 each, plus $8,000 more for the next 8,000 customers at $1.00 each per month.)  In
fact, it is safe to say……… a certain percentage of those customers will certainly want to join the VIP Club, which means you would make even more money
than this example for sure!

Let me know if you are interested in using our beautiful calling cards as a starting affiliate.  It is so much more effective to use these calling cards, versus
trying to get your potential customers to hand write down your web site code on a piece of paper.  There are a lot of potential customers you will secure by
using a professional calling card.

One last thought as a bonus for all of our affiliates: will have a poker store where we will be looking for products to sell.  If you
know of a good product and bring it to the site, we will share a percentage of the profit margin with you, where you will have extra dollars coming in, besides
your monthly affiliate checks.  E Commerce trade online requires a lot of constant work, which our company will do for you, yet you can continually pick up
these extra earnings on a product you helped bring to the site originally.  Having this option available to you as an affiliate could be very profitable for you.

Being a successful affiliate for Sexton’s Corner Poker Room could very possibly be a positive lifetime changing experience financially for both you and your
family.  Every month your residual built up income will increase, as you continue to bring in new customers, especially if your customers decide to join the VIP
Club.  I wish you well as you perhaps start off supplementing your regular income, and find yourself soon doing it full time, due to the outstanding earnings
you are able to make.


                                                             Tom Sexton,
                                                             President of Sexton's Corner