July 17, 2007   Sexton's Corner, Volume 1 - The Cab is Parked   

This is my first article for, so I would like to introduce myself to the readers. My name is Tom Sexton,  and most people in the poker world have heard of my
brother, Mike Sexton. Take it from me, Mike is the greatest brother... more
July 23, 2007       Sexton's Corner –Vol 2 - Poker's Amazing Trifecta

Hats off to the players, staff members, ESPN, and all the other media members who helped make the 2007 WSOP the best one ever! I had the good fortune of working as a
reporter for the first time for more
July 30, 2007       Sexton's Corner – Vol. 3: The Original TOC

Las Vegas visionary Steve Wynn has had one sign on his desk for many years, a quote by Jonathan Swift that says: "Vision is the art of seeing things invisible." My brother,
Mike Sexton, was the creator and founder of the original Tournament... more
August 06, 2007   Sexton's Corner – Vol. 4: When Mike Met Puggy, Part One

I doubt if we will see the likes of Puggy Pearson again in our lifetimes. We've all heard stories about his behavior at the poker tables from the past, but there was another side
to Puggy that most people never saw. He had... more
August 13, 2007   Sexton's Corner, Vol 5 – Puggy Pearson, Part Two

The last time I saw Puggy Pearson, he was slowly making his way from the Venetian valet to go check out the newest poker room in Las Vegas. This was about 3 weeks
before he passed away. He wasn't feeling good, and the walk to the poker room... more
August 20, 2007   Sexton's Corner – Vol 6 – High Stakes Golf and Janet Jones-Gretzky

You will be wowed when you get to see the High Stakes Entertainment Golf Tour premiere on ESPN October 21st. The inaugural event to be showcased is The Doyle Brunson
& Dewey Tomko Invitational.... more
August 27, 2007    Sexton's Corner, Vol. 7 - Dewey Tomko, Part 1

A movie should be made about the golf, poker, and gambling exploits of Dewey Tomko. He has had an amazing life so far, and is still going stronger
than ever! Let's go back in time between 1970 and 1975. After graduating from Salem College... more
September 03, 2007   Sexton's Corner, Vol 8 – Dewey Tomko, Part Two

It only seems appropriate the first golfer to tee off on ESPN's spectacular High Stakes Entertainment golf show and lead the way was gambling legend Dewey Tomko. With a
huge crowd and all the TV cameras rolling, Dewey coolly teed it up... more
September 10, 2007    Sexton's Corner, Vol. 9 – The Well-Dressed Cowboy

At this year's WSOP I got my indoctrination as a reporter on the floor for, witnessing thousands of hands and a multiple array of bad beats. Your heart always
goes out, watching one dream crushed after another. Even with moments... more
September 17, 2007    Sexton's Corner, Vol 10 – Benny Binion's Genius PR Moves

When we all play poker, there are some interesting stories we'll come across, just talking and listening to the other players in the game. So it was about one month ago, when
I was playing in an action packed Omaha high game... more
September 24, 2007    Sexton's Corner, Vol 11 - Composure Under Fire

We've all seen ballistic poker players go off like a helicopter occasionally and basically become a source of entertainment for the table. I've often thought that besides the
rake and the $1.00 bad beat withheld by the dealer....
October 01, 2007       Sexton's Corner - Vol. 12 - Poker's Seven 'Majors'

Only one poker player in the World has won both the WSOP Main Event and the WPT Main Event in Poker History - Carlos Mortensen. This has to be considered one of poker's
most amazing feats! If the modern poker world... more
October 08, 2007       Sexton's Corner - Vol. 13 - "Don't Forget About the Fans"

The 2007 WSOP was a great experience to work, as a reporter for It is hard to explain, but you almost have to work the event, to fully appreciate all the
components that make it a success. As a reporter, I got a ringside seat... more
October 15, 2007       Sexton's Corner, Vol. 14 - In The Zone, Part 1

Legend has it that the slogan "A Chip and a Chair" was coined when Jack Straus bet about $15,000 on the second day of the 1982 WSOP Main Event. Jack made no verbal
declaration he was all-in, but thought he had bet all of his chips... more
October 22, 2007       Sexton's Corner, Vol. 15 - In the Zone, Part 2

If a poker player looks through a looking glass at the rest of the world, he will see teams and individual athletes that excel in their respective sports, thus finding themselves
in that winning rare territory we refer to as being... more
October 29, 2007       Sexton's Corner, Vol. 16: Learn From Disaster, Part 1

In poker, some players never learn from disaster. In real life, the same is often true. We'll return to poker, but first, I want to share a true story that happened to me in Lake
Tahoe, when I was manager of Yellow Cab in North Shore... more
November 05, 2007   Sexton's Corner, Vol. 17: Learn From Disaster, Part 2

How many of you have looked up and watched as a loud, rude, and obnoxious drunk enters the poker game you're sitting in? The previous world of tranquility, the state the
game was in, is severely interrupted! You can... more
November 12, 2007   Sexton's Corner, Vol. 18: Poker's Only $10 Billion Player

Have you ever thought about what a billion dollars looks like? It is a thousand piles of a million dollars each; $10 billion is 10,000 piles of a million dollars. If you added up the
top ten poker-tournament money winners of all time... more
November 19, 2007  Sexton's Corner, Vol. 19: Ungar, Baxter Joined in WSOP Lore

There is a lot of history between Stu Ungar and Billy Baxter that would make an incredible movie! We couldn't call it the Odd Couple, as Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau
already claimed that title. Stuey, of course, was this mysterious... more
November 26, 2007  Sexton's Corner, Vol. 20: Stu Ungar Inspired 'Poker Masterpieces'

Poker Masterpieces was a company I started thanks to the inspirational performance of poker's legendary Stu Ungar in winning his third WSOP title in 1997. Before I
elaborate on what I did with this idea, I'd like to go back in time... more
December 03, 2007  Sexton's Corner, Vol. 21: Stu Ungar – Miscellaneous Tales

It was about 30 years ago, when I remember being at the Dunes Hotel, where the Bellagio sits today. Danny Robison came over to me and said, "Tom, see that guy over there
that looks like a 15-year-old kid? That is Stu Ungar from New York... more
December 10, 2007  Sexton's Corner, Vol. 22: Stu Ungar's Final Journey, Part 1

Stu Ungar passed away at the age of 43 on Nov. 22, 1998, where he was found in Room 16 of the Oasis Motel in Las Vegas. Most believed his roller coaster lifestyle of taking
a variety of drugs led to his early death. Two days later... more
December 17, 2007  Sexton's Corner, Vol. 23: Stu Ungar's Final Journey, Part 2

All of us in life have something in common…….we will all someday make our final journey. For Stu Ungar, his funeral services were held at the Palms Mortuary, located at
7600 S. Eastern in Las Vegas... more
December 24, 2007  Sexton's Corner, Vol. 24: The Golddust Twins, Part 1

One of the most colorful episodes in Las Vegas poker history began with the arrival of Chip Reese and Danny Robison in late 1973. They won so much money so fast, that
everything they touched seemed to turn into gold! Thus, the old legendary... more
December 31, 2007   Sexton's Corner, Vol. 25: The Golddust Twins, Part 2

The first time Chip Reese took a shot at the big game in Las Vegas was a life-changing event for both Danny Robison and himself. Many poker players who dare to enter the
big game end up losing everything, never to be seen again... more
January 07, 2008     Sexton's Corner, Vol. 26: The Golddust Twins, Part 3

Chip Reese and Danny Robison were partners from 1973 through 1978 in Las Vegas, right up and through the pressure they each experienced from mob enforcer, Tony
Spilotro, so aptly portrayed by Joe Pesci in the movie Casino. While Benny Binion... more
January 14, 2008     Sexton's Corner, Vol. 27: The Golddust Twins – Part 4

Partnerships usually don't last forever, and the partnership of Chip Reese and Danny Robison, who would become known as the Golddust Twins, came to an end by the end of
1978. They stayed lifelong friends, but each began a different path... more
January 21, 2008     Sexton's Corner, Vol. 28: More on Danny Robison

When you think about 1960, you probably remember it as the year of the Rome Olympics or the Presidential election of John F. Kennedy. For me, it was also the year I
witnessed Danny Robison launch his gambling career. I walked into the woodshop... more
January 28, 2008     Sexton's Corner, Vol. 29: A Tribute to Chip Reese

Two days after Chip Reese won the WSOP's first-ever $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event in 2006, I was in traffic at a red light at Flamingo and the Strip. As I looked up at the biggest
electronic video billboard in Vegas, in front of Bally's... more
February 04, 2008   Sexton's Corner, Vol. 30: How One Paragraph Changed Bill Edler's Life

My wife Janis and I had just returned from Orlando, Florida, where we spent a week with our kids and grandkids at Disney World for the holidays. While there, I got to visit
Dewey Tomko and see the beautiful golf course he owns... more
February 11, 2008   Sexton's Corner, Vol. 31: Archie Karas, 'The World's Biggest Gambler,' Part 1

Can you imagine anyone driving to Las Vegas in 1992 with $50 in his pocket, then borrowing $10,000 to start playing $200/400 razz and seven-card stud, and in six months,
running it up to a $17,000,000 fortune shooting pool, playing... more
February 18, 2008   Sexton's Corner, Vol. 32: Archie Karas' Story of Shooting Pool

Do you know anybody off the top of your head that will shoot 9-ball for $40,000 per game, play heads-up poker for millions, and shoot dice up to $1,800,000 on the layout at
one time? This is more than a short list, as there is only one member... more
February 25, 2008   Sexton's Corner, Vol. 33: Archie Karas, Part 3 -- Poker Stories
If you won $7,000,000 on a three-month rush, and stacked up all the cash on a big table, would you then risk it all playing the world's greatest players, including Chip Reese,
Doyle Brunson, Stu Ungar, Johnny Chan, and a host... more
March 03, 2008       Sexton's Corner, Vol. 34: Archie Karas, Part 4 -- More Poker

A few months before his untimely death, Chip Reese was quoted as saying, 'The most money I ever lost in poker was $2,022,000 in one night, playing $8,000/$16,000 limit. I
lost that money to Archie Karas.' During Archie's amazing... more
March 10, 2008       Sexton's Corner, Vol. 35: Archie Karas, Part 5 -- Transporting Millions

Once Archie Karas mowed down the world's best poker players, building up a bankroll of $17,000,000 from his original $50 start six months earlier, could there possibly be
any more magic left? The answer is gambling's version... more
March 17, 2008      Sexton's Corner, Vol. 36: Archie Karas, Part 6 -- Shooting Dice

The mystique and intrigue that will forever surround the legendary story of Archie "The Greek" Karas includes the sky-high stakes for which Karas played dice at Binion's
Horseshoe. These were the highest limits in the world then... more
March 24, 2008      Sexton's Corner, Vol. 37: Archie Karas, Part 7 — The Downslide

Everyone experiences obstacles or hurdles during their life's journey, but how one handles the adversity is the measure of his character. Archie 'The Greek' Karas did what
no other person on the planet has ever done, when he started... more
March 31, 2008      Sexton's Corner, Vol. 38: Archie Karas, Part 8 – Mini-Streaks

When Archie Karas lost his $40,000,000, there were rumors he must have gone off and committed suicide. No one saw him around Las Vegas for four or five months.
After all, how much strain and pressure could any one man's brain take... more
Sexton's Corner, Vol. 39: Archie Karas, Part 9 – According to Jack

Archie "The Greek" Karas has a story that will be etched into Las Vegas gambling lore forever. As time goes by, the historical significance of him hitting town in December of
1992 with $50 in his pocket and running it up to over $40,000,000 in about two years will likely never be matched.
Sexton's Corner, Vol 40: Archie Karas, Part 10 - The Comeback

If you like action, big pots, and a chance to buy one extra card for a dollar at the beginning of a hand, you need to check out two special $3/6 tables at the Mirage in Las Vegas,
Nevada, right away! As you walk into the poker room and look to the left or right, the third table over in either direction has a different red table cloth covering, featuring a new
game logo for the players, Texas Hold'em Plus.
Sexton's Corner, Vol 41: Mirage Serves Up Texas Hold'em Plus

If you like action, big pots, and a chance to buy one extra card for a dollar at the beginning of a hand, you need to check out two special $3/6 tables at the Mirage in Las Vegas,
Nevada, right away! As you walk into the poker room and look to the left or right, the third table over in either direction has a different red table cloth covering, featuring a new
game logo for the players, Texas Hold'em Plus.
April 21 2008     The WPT; Ceremony Of Champions. Vol 42

There was quite a poker ceremony held at the Bellagio last Monday, April 21st, in the Vegas showroom that hosts the "O" show six nights each week. The occasion was
special, as it honored all the World Poker Tour's individual champions from the first six seasons. It was hosted by poker's funniest and most dynamic announcers, Mike
Sexton and Vince Van Patten. Besides the individual champions from each season, being brought onstage in groups to receive their beautiful Tiffany silver WPT bracelets,
there were some great moments shown on a huge screen that highlighted victories and special moments from season to season.
May 5th 2008   Mike Sexton, Poker Visionary "1st Poker Ambassador" Vol 43, Part 1

Mike Sexton has been a poker visionary and pioneer for many years. Just look where poker was in the past and where it has come to today. Who would have ever dreamed
such a big leap was going to happen for all of us, who love to play poker?
May 12th 2008   Mike Sexton, Poker Visionary "TOC Creator & Founder" Vol 44, Part 2

Before I describe the various factors that set the stage for Mike Sexton's career as a poker visionary, I would like to let many of the younger players know that my brother
was a professional poker player for 25 years, before he was ever seen as an announcer on TV.
May 19th 2008   Mike Sexton, Poker Visionary "2006 WSOP/TOC Victory" Vol 45, Part 3

To continue my brother's story as a poker visionary, we will look at what happened to his dream of the Tournament of Champions the last two years and when and how
PartyPoker and the World Poker Tour entered the picture.
June 23rd 2008  Celebrating Column's     "First Anniversary One Year = 50 Articles" Vol 50

A few days ago I was walking through the 2008 WSOP at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino and literally stopped in my tracks, as I noticed one poker player on the end seat in a
cash game. Simply put, I couldn't believe my eyes.I just watched in frozen amazement for a good half hour,
May 26th 2008   Mike Sexton, Poker Visionary "Television Pioneer" Vol 46, Part 4

To continue my brother's story as a poker visionary, we will look at what happened to his dream of the Tournament of Champions the last two years and when and how
PartyPoker and the World Poker Tour entered the picture.
June 2nd 2008   Mike Sexton, Poker Visionary "Internet Pioneer" Vol 47, Part 5

Mike Sexton was a professional poker player in the '70s, '80s and '90s, winning a lot of tournaments along the way, including a WSOP gold bracelet. Who could have ever
guessed that he would become poker's "First Ambassador" (as voted by his peers), a major TV star as commentator for the WPT, now in its seventh season, and a true
pioneer for the Internet poker world?
April 4th 2006: A Night To Remember by Mike Sexton; Vol 48

The first-annual Card Player Player of the Year awards show was held in Hollywood, California, on Feb. 15, 2006. The event, created by Card Player's Barry Shulman and
sponsored by, was put on to honor the player of the year as well as other poker standouts. It was a first-class, gala affair that was a night to remember.
June 15th 2008: Mike Sexton,  "Poker Industry Legend"  Vol 49

There are many components that have contributed to the Poker Boom, and two of the biggest are TV coverage and online poker. Mike truely is like our quarterback or point
guard in both of these important arenas. He was the right person in the right place for all of us. In spite of his enormous success, he is very modest and down to earth with
everyone, whether it is a low limit player or a major star from Hollywood
A few days ago I was walking through the 2008 WSOP at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino and literally stopped in my tracks, as I noticed one poker player on the end seat in a
cash game. Simply put, I couldn't believe my eyes.
I just watched in frozen amazement for a good half hour,
There are literally millions of poker players who can only dream of doing what Jennifer Harman has accomplished in the poker world. To be sure, she is the most successful
lady poker player in the world in high-stakes cash games.
July 14th 2008, Jennifer Harman    "Poker's Only Big Game Lady" Vol 53, Part 2

Perhaps the first question a few may wonder about the high-stakes world of Jennifer Harman is this: Does she really play on her own money, or is she sponsored or staked,
meaning she is only playing for a piece? After all, how many people in life do you know actually have to go to work and bring $100,000 to $300,000 with them to buy in to a
$2,000/$4,000 poker game? To go to work and bring $100,000 to $300,000 with them to buy in to a $2,000/$4,000 poker game?
July 21st 2008; Marco Traniello "Rising Star". Vol 54

The day I interviewed Jennifer Harman in Bobby's Room at the Bellagio, I glimpsed her viewpoint of what a remarkable husband she has in Marco Traniello. In a very reflective
moment Jennifer said, "If I had to write a letter to God about what I wanted in a man, he would send me Marco."
July 28st 2008; Johnny Chan "Legend Of Legends". Vol 55, Part 1 "The Early Years:.

Johnny Chan may be one of the busiest superstars in the poker world today.He was congenial on the phone when I contacted him and suggested meeting at the Bellagio VIP
lounge for a 9:00 AM interview, as he would be checking out. He would have about an hour to sit down for the interview before he had to catch a flight to LA.
Aug 6th 2008; Ray Sexton " A First Class Gentleman, A Tribute To My Dad." Vol 56

Sometimes in life something happens that stops your world right in its tracks….to a screeching halt!  This past week my Dad, Ray Sexton, passed away.  He had a wonderful
life at the age of 88, soon to have been 89 on August 17th.  With his health deteriorating and doctors telling the family he simply wasn’t a candidate for any type of surgery…..
we all knew the end of his remarkable journey was fast approaching here on earth, and a new journey was going to begin in heaven.
Aug 13th 2008; Johnny Chan "Legend Of Legends". Vol 57, "Turning Pro" Part 2.

As we learned from Part 1, when Johnny Chan decided to turn pro and move to Las Vegas in 1978, it was a decision he made that met considerable resistance from his
parents.  Attending the University of Houston seemed to be the right path to take, as far as his parents were concerned.  Johnny had touched the money that could be made in
the gambling world in his trips on junkets between 1973 and 1978, including that one early trip in the beginning where he parlayed $200 off his credit card into $30,000 in one
week playing poker at the Golden Nugget! In this article let’s take a look at what happened to Johnny Chan’s career when he first came to Las Vegas to pursue his dream of
being a poker pro.  There  has to be hundreds of thousands of aspiring poker players over time who have tried to come to Las Vegas to reach the top of the poker world, but
only a handful have ever done it.  As we will learn in Johnny Chan’s story, there is no one who has done it in such spectacular fashion as him.  Today he is truly a living poker
legend, but in the beginning, it wasn’t easy starting out in 1978!  Let’s go back in time and ask him a few questions to hear his story from his perspecti
Aug 20th 2008; Johnny Chan "Legend Of Legends". Vol 58, "Poker's Greatest Streak" Part 3 .

As highlighted last week, Johnny Chan came to Las Vegas to pursue his poker dream in 1978, and experienced ups and downs before winning his first WSOP gold bracelet in
1985, in limit hold'em, for $171,000. From that win to his tenth WSOP gold bracelet in 2005 could only be described as poker's greatest streak. Top poker players and experts
agree that what Chan did in the years of 1987, 1988 and 1989 was poker's finest achievement, especially in poker's two biggest events, the World Series of Poker and Poker's
Hall of Fame. Both of these great poker tournaments were held at Binion's Horseshoe, and were  considered the two biggest events in the poker world at the time! From 1987
through 1989 there were only two major poker events each year and here's how Chan performed in these tourney
Aug 25th 2008; Johnny Chan "Legend Of Legends". Vol 59, "The Golden Touch" Part 4 .

Johnny "The Orient Express" Chan has had the golden touch throughout his entire career. In Part 3 we viewed Johnny's incredible poker streak in 1987, 1988, and 1989 of
winning 4 out of 5 WSOP or Hall of Fame Main Events in a row with one runner-up, as a record that will never be equaled or broken by any other poker player! Both the WSOP
and The Hall of Fame tournaments were held back then at Binion's Horseshoe. Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps has now won 8 gold medals in the 2008 Beijing
Olympics, combined with his 6 gold medals won in the 2004 Olympics held in Greece for a grand total of 14 gold medals and  16 Olympic medals overall! To be sure, this record
will be unreachable as well! Spectacular records that are set by the great ones inspire all of us. Great athletes like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Dan Gable,
and Michael Phelps are legends in their respective sports, just as Johnny Chan is in the poker world
Sep 1st 2008 ; Johnny Chan "Legend Of Legends". Vol 60, "Promos & Viewpoints" Part 5 .

In Part 4 we learned how Johnny Chan is known for having the golden touch in poker tournaments and for his famous movie appearance in Rounders, where he trapped Erik
Seidel to win the WSOP title. We also heard Johnny's analysis of why his try for three straight Main Event titles was stopped by Phil Hellmuth in the 1989. Johnny's opinion of
Phil was direct and straightforward, and Johnny's incredible record on "Poker After Dark" was examined, including what he felt was his secret in winning three out of four
episodes on the show.These articles have certainly underscored just how great Johnny Chan  is in both tournaments and cash games. But for years Johnny has always been
known as an entrepreneur around town. He has owned several businesses, including some shops inside the Stratosphere, and is involved with a very popular called All In
Energy Drink, unveiled at this year's WSOP. Let's start off listening to Johnny's interview where I asked him about this new drink, All In:
Sep 7th 2008; Mike Sexton receives "Patriot Award" from Paralyzed Veterans. Vol 61

When Mike Sexton won the 2006 WSOP Tournament of Champions, he had to beat two great players at the end of a grueling final table:  Mike Matusow who placed 3rd and
Daniel Negreanu who was runner-up.

Mike won $1,000,000 for 1st place, and decided to donate $500,000 to charity. He selected five worthy causes and donated $100,000 to each one:
Sep 15th 2008; David Oppenheim: "Poker's Amazing Big Game Cash Player" Vol 62:

Welcome to the high stakes world of David Oppenheim.  We are about to learn how he made the huge leap of starting out playing $1/$2 limit poker in 7 Card Stud and Limit
Hold-Em, as he literally had to play poker in disguises at the young age of 16 in the California Casinos, to become one of the most successful and feared big game cash players
on the planet today!  This is a dream only a handful achieve, as most of us wish we could only figure out the mysterious secrets to make this actually all happen in our lives.  
The obstacles and hurdles a person has to clear in this rare journey to the top of the poker world, as a cash game player, is equivalent to trying to walk 10 miles on the narrow
width of a balance beam in gymnastics outside during a hurricane!  How easy it would be to fall off that narrow path to the top, if one visualizes the difficult effort in that light!
Sep 22nd 2008; David Oppenheim: "Poker's Amazing Big Game Cash Player" Vol 63, Part 2:

When David Oppenheim goes to work in the big Seven Card Stud Game at the Hustler Casino in Larry Flynt’s game, he quite often has to face the likes of Phil Ivey, Barry
Greenstein, Danny Robison, and several other world class Seven Card Stud players.  Larry Flynt himself loves Seven Card Stud and has made a couple of WSOP final tables in
this event.  Phil and Barry have won ten WSOP gold bracelets between them and Danny has won one in Seven Card Stud, which has always been his specialty.  Danny, as you
might recall, was Chip Reese’s partner in the early days in Las Vegas when they hit town together in 1973.  Chip and Danny were known as the Golddust twins, because it
seemed like everything they touched turned to gold!  To go to work and face literally some of the best players in the world doesn’t seem so easy, yet this is the world David
Oppenheim has excelled in and conquered!
Sep 29th 2008; David Oppenheim: "Poker's Amazing Big Game Cash Player" Vol 64, Part 3:

Last week in Part 2 we talked about David Oppenheim teaming up with Phil Ivey and winning the $1,000,000 1st place prize in the Day 1 format of the Doyle Brunson and Dewey
Tomko Golf Invitational on ESPN on that first high stakes golf show, comprised of famous poker players and legendary gamblers.  We highlighted the two big poker games David
plays high stakes in at the tune of $4,000/$8,000 limit:  The Hustler Casino, where the famous Seven Card Stud game is played in LA, hosted by Larry Flynt himself; and the
biggest game in Las Vegas held in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio, where one must be great in all games to survive.  David said he usually plays in LA and maybe takes 3 months
out of the year to play in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio.   I mentioned before David might face a lineup here where there are 30 WSOP gold bracelet winners in the lineup on one
table!  I know this doesn’t seem possible, but take a look at this lineup:
Oct 5th 2008; Becky Makar, "Win's Main Event In Council Bluff's Horseshoe Poker Classic" Vol 65:

In early September Becky Makar from Las Vegas, Nevada put on quite a show by making four final tables in a row, winning two first places, and coming from behind to capture
the Main Event of the 2nd Annual Horseshoe Poker Classic States.  She has accomplished a lot in her life and is excited tournament poker held at the Horseshoe Casino in
Council Bluffs, Iowa.  It was an inspirational performance by the 65 year old grandmother who has embarked on a poker career which will take her on many poker travelling trips
around the United is opening a new world for her to conquer.  I felt lucky to have had a ringside seat of her much talked about performance in Council Bluffs, as I was the
announcer at all of the event’s final tables.  In a ten day event, with all final tables held on Day 2, I kept introducing Becky as part of the final table line-up in her amazing streak!  
With the average payouts of each event being around $9,000 for first place…….. she won just over $60,000 with her $45,000 for first place in the Main Event, her $9300 from
another first place in a No-limit event, and her other prize money that she received from the other events.  She certainly opened up a lot of eyes as her consistency and
aggressive approach at the final tables she qualified for made her the star of the entire tournament!
Nov 7st 2008; Vincent Zaldivar, "NLOP President Is Inspirational Leader" : Vol 70, Part 3:

Vincent Zaldivar is the President of Zen Gaming, New Poker, and the National League of Poker known as the NLOP. We have learned of his entrepreneurial
versatility and his climb up the ladder of success between
Part 1 and Part 2 of his story.As we ended last week’s story we left off mentioning some key
members of Vince’s business team that now surrounds him as President of Zen Gaming, the umbrella corporation for both New Poker and the NLOP.
Nov 14 2008; ESPN presents "2008 World Series Of Poker" November 9 "The Preview Show" : Vol 71, Part 1:

The outstanding coverage ESPN did in covering the November Nine the hour before the two hour telecast of the 2008 WSOP Main Event is worthy to re-
examine.  If you were at a Casino the dialogue was either muted or hard to hear if a party was going on.
For me, I was announcing a WSOP Circuit Final Table at Harvey’s Casino in Lake Tahoe, and only got glimpses of this special hour introduction of the nine
players on several big TV screens, as the sound was muted to preserve the rooms other tournament being played at the time.  The 2008 Main Event Final
Table would follow on ESPN in a two hour historical broadcast billed as same day coverage for the last two players remaining.

Later, when I returned from Lake Tahoe I sat down and watched the recorded one hour preview ESPN presented that gave an inside look at the nine finalists
and poker history highlights along the way.  I enjoyed it immensely and found myself watching the one hour preview show several times.  I personally always
enjoy that part of the Olympics where the inside story of the great athletes and the obstacles they had to overcome to get there are highlighted.  
Jan 31st 2008: Questions and Answers on Archie Karas: Vol 73

Tom Sexton, who is the brother of Mike Sexton – the commentator of TV fame of the World Poker Tour now in its 7th season and “Poker Ambassador” as
voted by his peers, interviewed Archie “The Greek” Karas for over 60 hours!  The remarkable 10 Part Chronicles Tom wrote on Archie’s incredible story can
be found on Tom’s web site:

Archie is one of Las Vegas’ mysterious and eccentric gamblers that did something of legend no other person in the world has ever accomplished:  He started
his famous gambling streak with $50 in 1992 and parlayed it to $45,000,000!  Perhaps some rich billionaires have won some incredible sums in the past, but
nobody could argue that what Archie accumulated from nothing is the most amazing true story that ever happened in the history of Las Vegas!

What mesmerizes the public is not only how he accumulated a fortune from nothing that might rival Fort Knox, but how in the world he lost it all back in about
two years!  This fact only makes all of us shake our heads in disbelief and amazement.  
Dec 14 2008; Special Video Tribute on two of the most talked about poker greats: Chip Reese and Stu Ungar: Vol 72

I decided to do Part 2 on the November Nine a little closer to the 2009 WSOP, which is now fast approaching since it is January of 2009 already!

I wanted the readers to enjoy a few videos on two of the greatest poker players of all time.  Both are in Poker’s Hall of Fame, and arrived there taking
opposite roads…that is for certain! This will be a touching tribute to Chip Reese and Stu Ungar.  Looking back in time, I wrote a total of eleven stories on
these two greats over the past two years.  Around the videos I know you will enjoy, will be links to these two amazing poker players from
my stories I wrote about them. I feel fortunate I knew both of these legends when they lived, and was emotionally touched attending both of their funerals.