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Poker Interview with Phil Ivey &

We know you’re a sensible young man, but what’s your most
extravagant purchase to date?
I went with a friend to help him buy a car, and there was this
Mercedes McLaren in the parking lot. I asked the salesman how
much it was [and] I said, “That’s too much money
for a car!” He said, “Take it for a test drive.” I got back and I’m like,
“Where do I sign?”
How fast have you had it going?
About a buck seventy -- you take it out to the speedway and race it
around the track.
Patrik Antonius
Phil Ivey
(Right) Phil Ivey sit's inside his
Mercedes McLaren SLR,
reported to be up for sale on
ebay. Friends of Ivey's say he
is now driving a Bugatti Veyron
(Right) Patrik stands in front of
his 2007 Aston Martin Vantage
V12. This identical car type but
painted in grey, was scene in
the James Bond Motion picture
Casino Royale...
Larry Flint
Bentley "Arnage R"
Matt Damon
Tesla "Prototype"
Pamela Anderson
Jaguar "XK Coupe"
Ben Affleck
Mercedes "2008 S63 "
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Paris Hilton
Bentley"Continental GT"
(Right) Ben stands in front of a
1959 Chevy Camaro, Origin of
photo unknown.
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Robert Mizrachi
"Who's Bad"

"Range Rover"
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Kim Kardashian
Range Rover
Kim’s customizations were gifts for hosting a “House of Hype”
Grammy party where Platinum Motorsport, Strut and JL Audio
were sponsors of the event. “They wanted to hook up my car
to show at the gala,” she said. “It was like a total dream. I love
making my cars look good.”

But what does princess Kim know about cars? A lot actually.
“People are always impressed by how much car stuff I know,”
she said. “My ex-husband loved exotic cars, and since then I’
ve loved cars as much as I love clothes.” Kim actually asked
to have the pink added to her Range Rover because she
was tired of people asking if she was driving her boyfriend’s
car and not hers. “I’ve always had the coolest cars, which
sometimes seems like a guy should be driving them,” she
explained. “I wanted a car no boy would ever want to drive
and for people to know a girl is driving such a cool car.”

Given her impressive fashion sense and car knowledge, it
was only a matter of time until Kim ventured into the world of
car accessories. This summer, the hottest gals can ride
around town in wheels Kim designed. “I collaborated with the
guys at Platinum Motorsports and designed a line of rims that
I’m calling “The Princess Line,” and I will also be designing
car accessories for women,” Kim said.

Kim’s exquisite taste in fashion also goes hand-in-hand with
her choice in cars as she paired with Platinum Motorsport on
enhancing the timeless platform of her 2007 Bentley Flying
Spur. She chose a full Mansory body kit, which includes a
front spoiler with an integrated air grille, rear spoiler, side
and rear skirts and an exhaust system with a Platinum
Motorsport lowering module. The fenders are properly filled
with 22×9.5-inch front and 22×10.5-inch rear Lowenhart LT8
Diamond Noir/ Chrome Multi-piece wheels dressed with
Continental ContiSportContact 2 265/30R22 front and
295/25R22 rear tires. The two-tone interior was special
ordered through Bentley and features reclining captain seats
in the rear.
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