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Welcome to our
oker Masterpieces is a Company created to showcase
the World’s Greatest Collages.  When Tom Sexton
was the official WSOP photographer between 1999
and 2002, he was well known for creating spectacular
one of a kind collages on some of the world’s greatest
poker players.

Here is what makes many of the collages so extra
special:  Mike Sexton, Poker’s Ambassador, wrote a
story on each featured world champion and between
the 1st class stories, the computer graphics and the
creative layout of the surrounding pictures……these
collages are unlike anything else ever done!

For the first time ever, these amazing conversation
pieces will be available for purchase that will look
great in the home, or in any number of businesses
such as bars or restaurants, etc!  In the next few
weeks there will be many products available in the
Poker Store.  Several of these beautiful collages will
kick off a variety of products.  Look for the Poker
Store to be open in the next few weeks.
Collage # 1                      Collage # 2                          Collage #3              Collage #4
In the Poker Store, the first 4 collages that will be available for purchase will be on the legendary Stu "The Kid" Ungar.  These have never been
available for the public to buy before, and tells his story in extraordinary fashion:  His 3 WSOP Titles won, including the "Lucky" picture of his daughter
he carried in his shirt pocket when he stunned the poker world winning his 3rd WSOP Title.  Collage 3 and 4 highlight his ups and downs in his
spectacular career, that captures his journey that is so mesmerizing and mysterious!

To get an idea of the quality of these 4 collages, click the pictures below:
The collages on Stu Ungar have a special meaning to me, as it was Stu Ungar who inspired me to do my first collage.  Thus, the birth of Poker
Masterpieces took place, which ended up giving so many great poker champions joy down the road!   It is listed above as collage # 2, but after Stuey
won his 3rd WSOP Main Event in 1997, I requested my brother Mike to ask Stuey for that special picture he carried in his shirt pocket of his beautiful
daughter, Stefanie, for good luck at the 1997 final table.  Mike and Stu Ungar were best of friends, right up till the end which came in November of
1998.  In fact, the family asked Mike to represent all the poker players at Stuey’s funeral with his eulogy

When Mike presented the collage as a gift to Stuey in 1997, he wanted to remind him of all the good things that happened during his life.  Stuey
looked at it, and began to cry right away.  The collage centered around his daughter he loved so much, and it touched him emotionally big time!  I
wrote a story about Stu Ungar inspiring Poker Masterpieces in my column, Sexton’s Corner, that I would like to share with you.  
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                                         Tom Sexton