Mike & Karen Sexton
Happy New Parents
I'm so happy to tell you some great brother, Mike Sexton, has become a father for
the first time.  I've never seen him so happy.  His lovely wife, Karen, delivered a healthy 8 lb 6 ounce
baby boy on Aug. 21, 2008.  His name is Ty Michael Sexton.Here are a few pictures of Ty taken at
Mountain View Hospital this morning. He is already wearing his Ohio State Buckeye hat on his 1st day
on earth.  As you probably know, Mike was a great gymnast when he went to Ohio State himself.
Mike has always loved kids, but never had any during all of those years he was a professional poker
player.  In fact, one of his favorite times in his life was back in North Carolina, where he coached little
league baseball for several years in his younger days.

Mike will be 61 on September 22, 2008, but is young in both heart and spirit.   He is going to make
such a great Dad, just as Karen will be a great Mom.  How nice to see Mike find his dreams, not only
in his professional life, but more importantly in his personal life.  Mike and I grew up together, and no
one knows him as well as I do....................I've never seen him so happy.

Mike was scheduled Saturday to receive a very special award, called the Patriot Award from the
Paralyzed Veterans of America in Portland, Oregon.  He has waited over 60 years to have his first
child, and in this magical moment, he wanted to be with his loving wife Karen and new baby boy......
Ty.  As a result, he asked me to fly up to Portland, Oregon today to receive this prestigious award on
his behalf.  I'm so honored to do this of course, and will tell you more about this unique and
magnificent award that only one nominee receives each year in a future column.  I'm so proud of Mike for representing the poker world with such consistent

Again, I'm so happy for Mike and Karen, as they are a wonderful couple who are so deserving of having a new beautiful child.

Love,  Tom                   
(Left) Mike with his new born son Ty Michael and his beautiful wife Karen.
IT'S A BOY !!!
Sexton's Corner, Vol 10