Sexton's Corner, Vol.68, Part 1
Vincent Zaldivar
"NLOP President Is Inspirational Leader"
The National League of Poker, known as the NLOP, has an extraordinary new team in
place these past 60 days that is led by President Vincent Zaldivar.   He is an inspirational
entrepreneur at the young age of 30 who is set to lead the NLOP into poker’s new frontier
in the United States.  In the beginning of our interview he was quick to point out that most
of the credit belongs to the members of his team, which we will learn more about in
subsequent articles.  Vincent’s modesty and sharp business acumen jumped right off the
chart at me, as I learned the inside story of this man from his personal accomplishments to
his  philosophy and  personal vision  of where he wants to lead the NLOP.  I’ve interviewed
many of the poker world’s biggest stars in my column, Sexton’s Corner, distributed around
the world online at, but after hearing his personal story, I was
left with a sense of absolute awe!  This was no ordinary man, as the positive impression he
leaves everyone is this: Success is his destiny in whatever it is he is involved with!  We are
about to take an interesting journey back in time to learn more about Vincent’s incredible
story that brought him to the doorsteps of  the NLOP.  In a series of upcoming articles we
will do two things:

1.)         Explain the concept the NLOP brings to the table that the US players and Casinos
will absolutely love!  It is not only legal, but free to win cash and prizes everyday!  For
those who want to win much larger amounts in cash or top prizes…… they can choose to
become a VIP Club member for $19.99 per month.  This is the cost of going to a movie for
two, where no individual can gamble away their own money.  Poker is as American as
apple pie and the NLOP will not only keep the politicians happy, but more importantly……
the spouses!

2.)         Learn the inside story of the mover and shaker of the NLOP leading the charge at
the helm:  President, Vincent Zaldivar.  You’ll learn the adversity he faced as a sophomore
in high school, after losing his Dad to a 25 year to life prison sentence, and how he
personally lobbied to save his Dad, by going to the Supreme Court in Carson City, Nevada
over 4 ½ years  to  successfully gain him a pardon and reverse his harsh sentence.
He turned that adversity into a positive becoming this remarkable and successful entrepreneur in life from the age of 17 right up to today at age 30.  From
raising cattle to selling the Bellagio’s 3500 room’s classic art, and many projects in between Vincent Zaldivar’s diversified talents have been a site to behold!
Players….. Be sure and pay attention to what the NLOP is going to mean for you and the future of legalized poker played online in America.  With a multi-
million dollar piece of advanced software behind them, the NLOP is about to revolutionize poker played on your computers at home without any player losing
any money, yet winning cash and prizes on a daily basis!

The Ambassador of Poker, Mike Sexton, who has been a WSOP champion, a TV spokesman for the World Poker Tour now in its 7th season, and an Internet
pioneer right from the beginning of the poker boom has been selected to be the official spokesman for the NLOP.   When you join the site, Mike will be the
first one to welcome you online. The NLOP had the vision to get the best representative in the business to be their spokesman.

When you have a successful online poker site in America today it has to be well financed, and the NLOP is!  You need the most respected person in the
poker industry to represent you, and the NLOP has him!  You need the best staff around you, and the NLOP has them!  Finally you need to offer US players
a legal way to play and the NLOP has done that too!  In fact, it is legal in all 50 states!  For future players out there looking for a winning Four of a Kind on
their computers……the National League of Poker is your answer!
As we begin to interview Vincent, listen closely throughout this series of articles to his answers and
positive outlook on life itself, and you’ll quickly see why he is a big winner in life.  Let’s first begin with
our interview and learn a few facts about the NLOP:

Sexton’s Corner:  As I understand it Vincent, you and your new team bought the NLOP about 60
days ago.   The large investment to have a quality online site must be immense, with servers,
computer engineers, miscellaneous staff, marketing, etc.  Could you highlight approximately how much
money it has taken to get to the point where you are today?

Vincent Zaldivar:   It has been about 60 days since we purchased the National League of Poker or
NLOP.  Our holding corporation is Zen Gaming and New Poker.   We always knew that the Internet
would play an important part in the development of our company.  Through hard work we came across
the NLOP, and the company fit perfectly into our goals.  We were actually going to build our own
network from scratch.   Rather than put the millions of dollars and two years in, we found them to be
the perfect time and place…….buying them fit right in.

Sexton’s Corner:  When you say millions of dollars somebody has to spend to start a site from
scratch, requiring servers and everything else……this must be a huge investment.  What kind of
money is behind the NLOP today?

Vincent Zaldivar:  They spent millions of dollars developing the software into the NLOP.  With all the
updates and proprietary technology we have added……….We are positioned with our software to be
the leader in the free poker playing environment.

Sexton’s Corner:  You have a free play environment which is why your site is considered legal for US
players, and will meet the demand for interactive, online play with an alternative that is innovative and
legal in the US called the VIP Club, for a small subscription fee of $19.99 per month.  Can you tell us a
little about these two choices the customers may select when they join the NLOP?
Vincent Zaldivar:  We have the free play environment and we have the upgraded feature where if you join the VIP Club you don’t have to sit through so
many advertisements.  There are a certain amount of mandatory ads in the free play environment that you can bypass when you join the VIP Club for $19.99
per month.  Besides bigger cash prizes you are eligible to win  discounts on poker supplies, hotel and casino offers that are coming on board, and a variety of
auxiliary benefits.

Sexton’s Corner:  There is something very interesting you do at NLOP that I would like you to expand on in regards to free play.  On other free play sites
players go all in all the time with little regard for the types of hands they hold.  After all, if they go broke they can just get more free money to replenish their
free account and continue to play crazy all over again.  This can lead to poor playing habits and can take the fun out of free play entirely.  What have you
done on the NLOP to improve this?

Vincent Zaldivar:  In our free play environment we actually have a patent pending point system we’ve implemented, where you only get a certain amount of
chips per day.  So instead of being like the other free play environments where you go back to the bank and load up, you actually have to value the chips that
you get for that day.  If you run out, you can’t just go back and get more.  You have to wait until the next day to log in and get more chips.  Now, there are
bonuses where you can log in and take a survey and another trivia question of the day.  Sexton’s Corner will be providing us a lot of those questions where
you can get more chips for answering some of those daily trivia questions.

Sexton’s Corner:  During the series of articles I’ll be doing on you and the NLOP in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be going into more of the details of how your site
works.  Right now, I want to talk about you and where you came from to become such a successful entrepreneur.  You almost seem to be too nice to survive
in that shark invested world out there.  Most Presidents don’t seem so nice, but you have a congenial demeanor that seems to sincerely reach out and make
it easier to talk to other people.

Vincent Zaldivar: I’m humble and working hard to prove myself, no matter who is in front of me.  I always treat people with respect and work through any
differences.  That’s how we grow up fast, not getting caught up in all the hoopla.

Sexton’s Corner:  Today you are 30 and majority stock holder as President of Zen Gaming, New Poker, and the National League of Poker.  I know in your
younger days you held three jobs sometimes and really worked hard.  How old were you on your first job and what are some of the different jobs you held
along the way?  

Vincent Zaldivar:  I was actually 12 years old when I had my first gig.  There was a prominent gentleman in town named Donald Ahern who owned Ahern
Rentals and still does today.  I was washing tractors for him when I was 12 years old.  I waited tables at 14, as I was always a big kid who looked like one of the
boys.  Between ages 17 and 21 I saved a lot of money through my own company I created called Body and Soul, which was a sports massage therapy
business for high end athletes and high rollers.  I had graduated from a nine month training program coming out of high school.  I just worked through it.  Two
full time jobs while going to school and building a business wasn’t out of the ordinary for me.  I’ve always had ambition.  I am so grateful to a man named Ken
Templeton, who I consider my entrepreneur mentor from the very beginning of my business career.  He was one of my first supporters, who invested in my
first business.  He was such a positive influence on my life, as he taught me about business and was someone to always go to for good advice.  I was so
fortunate to have him as my original business mentor in life!

Sexton’s Corner:  I read something online that you had started a cattle ranch or something, where you turned 50 head of cattle into 1,000 in less than a
year.  This seems like a lot of diversity to me.  How did this come about early in your life when you were about 21 years old?

Vincent Zaldivar:  That was an interesting play.  As an entrepreneur, being out of the box and open minded is something you have to be.  I was a little overly
rambunctious.  I was about 21 years old when someone approached me with a new system for feeding cattle.  So I figured I would try it………I saved up a
good amount of money since I was 17 and now at 21  I took a shot and invested $25,000 of my own money.  It started working and those 50 head turned into
100 head and I said “You know this thing could work.”  So I went out to my close network of business associates, friends, and family.  We raised a bunch of
money and grew the ranch in New Mexico.  It grew from there like a big feed box, and had over 1,000 head of cattle at one time!  Fortunately we got in at a
good time when the cow markets were depressed and the meat markets were down.  It was pure luck there.  It was successful, so we liquidated the herd and
sold them.  I learned a tremendous amount about running a big business of that size and nature.  It taught me a lot of good lessons.

Sexton’s Corner:  Going back to when you were in high school I understand you had to work hard to take care of your Mom and family out of necessity.  Do
you want to recount what happened?

Vincent Zaldivar:  When I was 17 years old I was forced into owning my own business in the beginning, because of the pure necessity to take care of my
family……my Mom and three sisters.  Unfortunately my father went to prison and was sentenced to 25 years to life.  It was a hardship at the time, but I took it
on in stride.  I was able to build a tremendous clientele.  I studied sports massage therapy, worked with a lot of athletes and high end gamblers.  I was licensed
at age 18 for sports therapy.  I was able to meet just real powerful people, and was able to make a lot of money taking care many of these people; fixing their
backs, necks, and sport’s injuries.  So that grew and that is what catapulted me into my other businesses.  My first business was named Body and Soul;
because that is what I put into everything I do….put my mind, body, and soul into it.  My slogan now is All-in All the Time, and I trademarked it.  It is exactly who
I am……….If you’re not going to go all-in, then fold and get out of the game if you’re not going in all the way!

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week, as we continue Vincent’s story as an entrepreneur leaping from the cattle business into selling the Bellagio its room artwork
for all 3,500 rooms!  We’ll go into his new games he has gotten approved and licensed by Nevada Gaming and how he did the impossible getting the Nevada
Supreme Court to reverse his father’s harsh prison sentence.  Besides all of this, we’ll get to meet Vincent’s impressive staff that promises to launch the
National League of Poker into orbit.  Legal online poker for US players....doesn’t that have a nice sound to it?

The Cab Is Parked,
Tom Sexton
Sexton's Corner, Vol 68, Part 1