Sexton's Corner, Vol 72
Chip Reese was the most admired poker player of all time, not just because he was regarded as the ultimate king of
cash games for over 30 years, defining the meaning of successful longevity, but for his 1st class demeanor win, lose,
or draw!  Chip was regarded by his peers as the epitome of success……the model to emulate in both poker and life.  
He was the youngest ever to be selected into Poker’s Hall of Fame and the only poker player to receive the key to the
city from our Mayor of Las Vegas, Jan Jones in 1992.  Success and millions of dollars in winnings was the image Chip
Reese had before his untimely death, and it was also the real story of how good he was at his craft!
Special Video Tribute
on two of the most talked about poker
Chip Reese and Stu Ungar
I decided to do Part 2 on the November Nine a little closer to the 2009
WSOP, which is now fast approaching since it is January of 2009 already!

I wanted the readers to enjoy a few videos on two of the greatest poker
players of all time.  Both are in Poker’s Hall of Fame, and arrived there
taking opposite roads…that is for certain!
This will be a touching tribute to
Chip Reese and Stu Ungar.  Looking back in time, I wrote a total of eleven
on these two greats over the past two years.  Around the videos I
know you will enjoy, will be links to these two amazing poker players from

my stories I wrote about them. I feel fortunate I knew both of these legends
when they lived, and was emotionally touched attending both of their
Stu Ungar was this amazing prodigy at cards, who to this day is considered the best No Limit Hold-em player ever, as
well as the best gin rummy player of all time by most in the know.  His natural talent made opponent’s heads spin in a
state of awe.  He had this knack of moving his chips so aggressively that his opponents were continuously off balance.  
He was the only player to win the WSOP Main Event three times and The Super Bowl of Poker three times as well.  He
only entered about 30 big buy-in events for $5,000 or $10,000 entry fees in his lifetime, but won 10 of them.  We have
great players out there today, but none of them had a batting average anywhere close to Stu Ungar.  Unfortunately
due to drugs and his overall hard life style, he died early and had a broken down number of years of loneliness and
despair till the end.

I knew both Chip and Stuey, wrote many articles on them, but paused for the cause at my office this past week looking
at an artistic video my partner in Sexton’s Corner created on the beloved Chip Reese.  My business partner’s name is
Luciano Pellegrino and he is my computer expert and graphic designer for our site, I found
myself tearing up reflecting on the man Chip was and enjoyed the way Luciano combined the video with some of Chip’s
favorite songs.  As it turned out , Chip had been a very good friend to Luciano, who developed his web
site for him the year before he was taken from us so early.  In fact, it was Chip Reese who helped Luciano get
introduced to many of the big players in Bobby’s Room and encouraged them to give Luciano their business for their
own web sites.  Luciano said, “I loved Chip for all he did for me and wanted to do a nice tribute about him with a video
clip of his accomplishments and friends talking about him.
On the video that highlights the David Chip Reese Memorial Trophy from his 2006 $50,000 HORSE victory, I thought about a few words said by Jeffrey
Pollock, Commissioner of the WSOP, when he announced at the beginning of the next year's $50,000 Final Table....this special tribute award that would
always be in Chip's memory forever.  He began to describe the trophy as this 60 lb. black marble trophy with the WSOP bracelet in diamonds on the side,
with the inscription "Standing the test of time", symbolic of who Chip had always been in his career.  Jeffery said it was almost as if Chip's spiritual hand
reached in, as a small chip was on the back of the trophy that hadn't been planned.  It was announced it seemed appropriate that the chip was there, as it
made it even more special in Chip's honor.  I compliment the Commissioner for having this honor bestowed on Chip for the rest of time, and his judgement to
leave that chip on the back of the trophy where it belongs.  I thought about some of these things while I watched this unique video on Chip that was so
touching, as the view of the trophy in the video is spectacular!
After watching these beautiful videos on Chip, Luciano showed me a couple of things he did or found on Stu Ungar.  I enjoyed them so much; I thought our
readers will love seeing these as well.  So sit back and go back in time and enjoy some interesting things in both Chip and Stuey’s life that will touch your

The Cab Is Parked,
Tom Sexton
                         Authors Note:

At far left is a touching video about Stu Ungar
that is heartfelt, riviting, and mesmerizing in
recounting the life of Stu Ungar. The picture of
his beautiful daughter, Stefanie, was held in
Stuey's pocket over his heart during his
unforgettable comeback in the 1997 WSOP
Main Event, where he made history capturing
his 3rd World Title.  

Stuey loved his daughter so much, and you
will see in the video on ESPN at the 1997 final
table.... him holding this picture up for the
cameras.  Stuey tells Gabe Kaplan in his
victory interview that "Nobody can beat me in
cards, except myself." Ex wife Madeline and
daughter Stephanie created a web site to help
others in need of help:
View the My Tribute pages of David "Chip" Reese & Stu "The Kid" Ungar below;

(Right) Card Player media would like to extend
a special thanks to World Poker Tour
Enterprises & Harrah's Entertainment for
providing television footage for this tribute.
(Right) Tribute Video Of Chip Reese;
(Below) Doyal Brunson with his best friend Chip
Reese at Doyle's Party held at the Bellagio.